International Journal of Computational and Engineering
(IJCE, ISSN: 2415-1351)


Prof. Dr. J. M. García: University of Murcia, Spain



Prof. Dr. M. Beldjehem:Sainte-Anne's University, Canada

Prof. Dr. S. Ganesan:Oakland University, USA

Prof. Dr. J. Johnson:Laurentian University, Canada

Dr. S. Kotsiantis:University of Patras, Greece

Prof. Dr. S. Y. Lee:Auburn University, USA

Dr. A. Mahanti:University of Auckland, New Zealand

Prof. Dr. J. Savir:University Heights Newark, USA

Dr J. M. Zain:University of Malaysia ,Malaysia

A Prof. Dr. Zhao Yibing:Dalian University of Technology, China

A Prof. Dr. Ye Qingwei:Ningbo University, China

A Prof. Dr. Liu Desheng:Jiamusi University, China

A Prof. Dr. Zhao Yongman:Shihezi University, China

A Prof. Dr. Li Fang:Chongqing City Management College, China

Dr. Fan Liya:Nanchang University, China

Dr. Zhao Jianguang:Hebei Institute of Architectural and Civil Engineering, China

Dr. Yang Jingjing:Hebei North University, China

Dr. LI Gang:Baicheng Normal University, China

A Prof. LIN Haibo:Taizhou Vocational & Technical College, China

Dr. Ding Xilong:Weifang University of Science and Technology, China

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